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NutraGini is a platform to bring you the best of nature’s health care marvels. We aspire to benefit those who seek a pro-active healthy lifestyle by offering natural products of the highest quality in the world. With a strong belief in enriching lives through best quality products, we aim to support a naturally healthy planet.

Nutragini symbolizes a new dawn for healthy mind and body. Driven by product innovation and high quality standards, NutraGini is gearing up to carve its niche in the global Nurtraceutical Industry. Imbibing the spirit of innovation and creation Nutragini is presenting original, natural and safe products to deliver remarkable health benefits. We dedicate our efforts to providing you with a range of completely natural options for complete nutrition and immunity building.

Nutragini brings forth natural Phycocyanin, a wondrous blue extract from microalga Spirulina.

Phycocyanin is a NATURAL blue pigment protein extracted from Spirulina. It is the main ingredient responsible for Spirulina’s impressive health benefits. It is a natural, water soluble and non-toxic molecule with potent anti-cancer, anti oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It has disease preventive attributes due to its spectacular abilities to detox as well as strengthen immunity.

Phycocyanin is a research innovation introduced by our team of world class researchers who harnessed the power of this wonder molecule from Spirulina platensis, one of the oldest species on this planet. Our advanced high through put technology evolving from the combination of the latest medical research and the hidden powers of the natural microalgae result in this specialized dietary supplement that has promising health benefits.

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